We appreciate that you are here. asteroidnews is a rock 'n' roll band from Cologne. We are part of an overall plan so to say. Cin & Mahoni founded the band on 13th of July 2002, a strange & legendary night. Are you into a night of Rock 'n' Roll? Please be sure "We Are All Alive". So for engagements leave a message at one of our below mentioned eMail addresses or in our guestbook. We'd appreciate if you come back to see whats happening all the time. The latest news from our scene can be found under the AsteroidNews page. You're always welcome.

We are playing some Yayhoo's, Bottlerockets, Steve Gibbons & Dan Baird stuff. Bandmembers are:

The one and only 'Cincinnati' -  Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Mahoneys double 'Mahoni' - Guitar, Vocals

Rough Rider Mr. 'Lu Ried' - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Never say Andreas 'Linus' - Bass

 Jim K. the 2nd 'Chris' - Drums, Vocals

For spamming reasons we deactivated the direct links to our e-mail addresses. If you want to, leave an e-mail message using cin, mahoni, linus, luried or chris in combination with or maybe in our guestbook and please come back.

If you got technical problems with this website, please write to our webmaster using too.

We are all alive.

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